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We want you to look good and feel good in your new spectacles, so if you don’t like your glasses for any reason, we will gladly exchange them back for you!

If you are unhappy with your glasses and would like to trade them for another pair, just send an email to within 30 days of receiving them and tell us which frames you would rather have. Once we hear from you, we will email you a return label and will then make and ship out your new pair as soon as we receive the first pair back. There will be a $35 charge for restocking and shipping fees. Choose carefully! We can only do this once!

*This offer only applies to Single Vision eyewear purchased from our website. Please inquire in our shop if you would like to know about the exchange policies when purchasing in the store.

**If you would like to exchange your glasses because they don’t fit well when you receive them, please see our Guarantee section below first. Every pair of glasses will need to be adjusted for your face before they truly fit well.


Wowza! You’re going to look good in your new specs! We want to get them to you as quickly as possible.

Here are the steps your glasses go through once you’ve placed an order:

Days 1-3: We get your frames and start your order. If you have sent us a copy of your prescription, we will verify it for accuracy and make certain it is still valid. If you have asked us to retrieve your prescription for you, we are at the mercy of your prescribing doctor, so this may take a couple extra days.

Days 3-4: Once we have received and confirmed your prescription, we will order your lenses!

Days 4-7: We will usually receive your lenses a couple of days after we order them. We will then check them for clarity and accuracy before cutting them to fit your frames.

Days 7-8: Time to cut those lenses and make them fit perfectly in your frames! We are picky about things around here, so we are going to look for a perfect fit, including bevel position, polish clarity and evenness, and final lens thickness. Once this is completed, your glasses go on to final Quality Control.

Days 8-9: Quality Control – Like we said, we are picky. At this stage, we double check every step of the order. Frame selection, Lens options, prescription authentication, prescription accuracy, lens fit, anti-reflective coating performance, tint color, and everything else to make sure your glasses leave our shop in such perfect condition that we would be proud to dispense them to our mothers.

Days 9-10: Pack them up and ship them out! Your glasses will be carefully packaged with a case and cleaning cloth and will be shipped out USPS Priority Mail. As soon as they are picked up, we will send you tracking information so you can watch your glasses travel across the states before landing in your mail box! Your glasses will usually arrive 2-3 days after they are picked up by USPS.

Days 12-14: Unpack the box and put the glasses on your face. Go out, see things, and be seen.

****If your glasses do not pass inspection at any point in the process, we will absolutely not ship them to you. In the event they fail our quality check process, we will start the entire order over again. This means the glasses will most likely not make it to you in the described time frame, but we feel perfection is more important than delivery time. We hope you will wear these glasses for a long time, and we want you to see things clearly and correctly from the first day you put them on until you decide to retire them.


Your glasses will be made correctly or we will fix it. It’s really that simple. We will make absolutely certain the prescription in your glasses matches the prescription you sent us from your doctor’s office.

If you can’t see through the lenses and your doctor changes the prescription, please send the glasses back to us within 30 days with the new prescription and we will make you a new set of lenses for only $25 to cover shipping and processing fees.

We guarantee they WILL NOT fit correctly when you receive them!

  • We put the glasses in something called “Bench Alignment” before shipping them to you. This means they are straight, square, and even – very few people have bench shaped heads (smiley face), so it is very important to have your glasses adjusted by a professional optician once you receive them.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way for us to make sure they fit your head properly before we send them to you, so we recommend you go to a local shop and tell them you bought the glasses online and need to have them fitted. Many optical shops will charge for this service, but it will make your glasses wearing experience significantly better if they fit correctly.

One Year Warranty

Your glasses come with a 1 year warranty on the frames and lenses.

All of our frame designers cover their frames for 12 months against manufacturers defects. This means things like springs breaking, hinges coming loose, paint flaking off, and solders not holding. It does not cover things like stepping on them, dog chewing on them, sleeping on them, and any other happening which could be described as an ‘accident’.

Your lenses are covered for 1 year against defects as well. So, if the coating begins ton release from the lens, or they don’t hold up against normal wear and tear, please send them back to us and we will replace them for you at no cost!

Note: For warranty replacements, we ask that you send the glasses back to us at your cost. We leave decisions about what is a ‘Manufacturers Defect’ vs. ‘Accident’ or ‘Abuse’ up to our manufacturers.