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At Oscar Oglethorpe, we love eyewear. (A lot.) In fact, we love it almost as much as we love helping our clientele find the perfect eyeglasses for any purpose!

We want you to find exquisite eyewear at prices you won’t believe. That’s why we source glasses frame designs from independent designers across the globe. It’s why we offer full pairs of eyeglasses — frames and lenses — starting at just $150. It’s also why our expert opticians offer some of the best consultations in eyewear completely free of charge, and make sure you’re comfortable, heard, and catered to as an individual.

Our goal is to have you thrilled with your experience at Oscar Oglethorpe… and maybe even a little impatient to come back for your next pair of eyewear!

Man wearing sunglasses and facemask
Man wearing designer sunglasses from Oscar Oglethorpe

The Eyeglasses Selection Process:
From Seeing, to Stocking…

Our process for sourcing and stocking eyeglasses can be quite an ordeal, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We travel to vision expos worldwide looking for unique shapes, bright and bold colors, and fine construction that we know will stand out to our discerning clientele. Of course, it’s important to us that our designers are truly independent and ethical in their manufacturing, so we visit their factories and studios to make sure we have a chance to get to know the artisans we’re working with.

After vetting the manufacturer, and even their suppliers and materials, we usually end up adding 3-5 designers a year. New frame designs enter our lineup each quarter, with thousands joining our collections over the course of a year. Each of these designs gets individually inspected — even if we’ve trusted the designer for a long time — because we refuse to take shortcuts when it comes to the quality of our collections.

Extraordinary Frames.
As Low As $150.

We believe that even the most exclusive eyewear should be affordable for everyone, which is why we scour the world for small, sometimes lesser-known designers whom we can trust to produce high-quality eyewear at a completely fair price. That’s why our collections start at $150 per pair, frames and lenses included. In the interest of bringing you the best eyewear we can find, we also offer options at a range of price points, so that we can incorporate a greater variety of high-end designs to meet any and all of your needs.


  • We want to offer the best in eyewear at the best prices possible
  • For all our price points, we can include anti-glare coating, super shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, outstanding frames, and our excellent customer service
  • You can accessorize and add on specialized lens technology without breaking the bank
  • Options! Rad shades, chic everyday specs, and fabulous out-on-the-town eyewear starting at just $150, so you can get options for any occasion without trying to do it all with a single pair
  • Why start at $150? Why not?! We adore our customers, and we don’t want you to have to sacrifice anything to have standout eyewear from all over the world!

Truly Unique Eyeglasses Consultations

We tailor our consultations to match your expectations. For some, that means we find a pair that matches your face, hair, and general style. For others, it’s trying to find an answer to the more open-ended question: “What do you want your glasses to tell people about you?”

We’ll take the time to learn about you, your interests, your taste, and what you’ll be using your eyeglasses for, so your eyewear can fit your personality just as well as it fits your face. We’ll take as long as needed for you to find, try on, and make your final choice on a pair of frames.

There is no consultation fee! This is a free service to make sure you get what you set out to find, no matter how specific or abstract your wishes are. We’ll get you taken care of.

More Services and Exceptional Service at Oscar Oglethorpe

Our eyewear services don’t just include our never-ending search for the best eyeglasses, or your eyewear consultation. We can perform repairs on frames at no extra charge, and if there’s anything we can’t do in-house, we’ll help you connect with those who can do the work right.

We can also get you any contact lenses — because we’re an independent optical shop, we aren’t beholden to any contracts, so we can order the product you’d prefer!

If you’re ready to shop for extraordinary eyewear, request an eye exam or call Oscar Oglethorpe at (336) 333-2993 today!

We are always looking for new designers! Got something you think we should take a look at? Email us: oscar@oscaroglethorpe.com