At Oscar Oglethorpe, we love eyewear!  (A lot.)

We get excited about all the unique shapes, bright and bold colors, and unlimited materials that today’s creative minds are using to make truly exceptional styles.  We also believe they should be affordable for everyone! We scour the world for small, perhaps lesser-known designers who produce provocative, fashionable eyewear at a fair price.

Why $150
We want to offer the best stuff at the best price we can! What that means for you is phenomenal anti glare coating, super shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, fantastic service, and the coolest frames we can find!
Why $150?
Can you say accessories?

At our price you can get rad shades, chic everyday specs, and fabulous out-on-the-town glasses!

Why $150?
Why not?!

We adore our customers, and we don’t want you to have to sacrifice anything to have the most dashing eyewear we can find from all over the world!


Bringing Top Quality Glasses Frames from Around The World to Greensboro NC

Eyeglasses Sources of Oscar Oglethorpe Eyewear

Oscar travels the world looking for the very best styles from small designers who haven’t been ‘found’, yet. These are often very small companies who do their own design work and oversee the manufacturing of their frames personally. We’ve found that these smaller companies put their hearts into what they are designing and producing instead of into a marketing campaign, which means we can deliver excellent and unique eyewear at an incredible price at our Greensboro NC store. It’s a little more work for us, but it’s a much better pair of glasses for you.

We are always looking for new designers!  Got something you think we should take a look at?  Email us:

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