Dr. Aziem

Dr Aziem is a born and raised Jersey Girl. Originally from a small town outside of Princeton, NJ, she recently moved to North Carolina with her family. She did her undergrad at the College of New Jersey. Then later pursued her high education in Boston, MA at The New England College of Optometry. Some may think that the eye is a bore, but she personally think it’s a ball!

She takes a lot of pride in ensuring her patients receive the best care possible. “Every patient in the exam chair is treated like family”- Dr Aziem

Quick Facts:

    • Special Talent: Learned to milk a cow on a farm in New Zealand, speaks 3 Different languages, cooks really good Mac-N-Cheese
    • Interests: Traveling, Basketball, Culinary Adventures
    • Specialty: Optometry
    • Undergraduate School: College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ
    • Optometry School: New England College of Optometry, Boston, MA
    • Licenses: National Board of Optometry, North Carolina State Optometry Board

Caitlin Sullivan

Caitlin Sullivan is a rolling stone who finally landed in the town that wasn’t too big, or too small – Greensboro has been just right. She enjoys being a part of the exciting downtown Greensboro community, and loves that people are visiting downtown for local shopping and entertainment! She’s been in love with glasses from age seven onward, but the real love started when she began working in the industry in 2007. Since then it’s been a really torrid love affair, many of her friends are jealous of the affection she bestows on eyewear. Caitlin can’t wait to share her love with you, and tell you what your new glasses say about you, she is kinda like the eyewear fortune teller

Rachel Rossabi

Rachel Rossabi would live in a world where water fountains spurt whipped cream and all clothing was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and made of glitter. She is a sparkling moonbeam and Greensboro townie who has fostered a deep love for eyewear since she donned her first spectacles at the tender age of five, finally seeing that there was writing on the chalkboard and leaves on the trees. She delights in thinking outside the box, and derives immense pleasure from (gently) pulling you out of your comfort zone. Think funky! Think fun! Think lime green or maybe magenta! Rachel is deep in the throes of studying to become an optician, though her deepest aspiration is to finally be crowned Harry Potter knowledge champion of the universe.

Quick Facts:

    • Greatest Loves: Captain and Zoe, the queen snugglecats of the known world, pizza.
    • Greatest Fears: Never getting to eat at Jiro’s sushi restaurant in Japan, that Joss Whedon will make another hit series and get cancelled again, being seen in unfashionable glasses.
    • Special Talents: Maneuvering tiny screws, filing insurance.
    • Needs improvement: Hey, who doesn’t?

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